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I Shina am a full- time entrepreneur/ mompreneur, who loves fashion in it's oddly beautiful way. Growing up I was always told that what I wore didn't match or look right. During my teenage years I would take pants cut them up and make skirts by hand sewing them. As I got older I found myself not caring what people would say or the crazy looks I got . I began shopping at Thrift Stores nealry 15 years ago picking up the most wildest, craziest, and colorful pieces I could find. My style was always odd yet boldly cute. People constantly ask me where did I purchase a piece of clothing from and did I make it. I then knew that my style was different and people loved it. Thrifting is my thing I could make an $20 outfit look like a $200 outfit. I never was into high-end fashion I just don't find a use in spending $200 on a single pair of jeans. When I could make my $8.00 pair of jeans look worth $200. So take a look around in my recycled closet you just might find that UNIQUELY Made Piece you've been looking for. Enjoy and remember we all have our own Unique Style. 




Thrift N Treasured

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